Dubai Municipality Approval

Dubai Municipality Approval (DM Approval) is a crucial regulatory procedure ensuring all new constructions, redevelopments, and renovations adhere to Dubai’s stringent building codes and safety standards. This process, vital for various projects including new buildings, redevelopment, and renovations, involves submitting an application, undergoing review, receiving approval, beginning construction, followed by ongoing inspections and final approval. DM Approval not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also enhances property value, secures necessary permits, and prevents costly delays. Therefore, consulting an experienced architect or engineer is recommended for navigating this complex process.

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Types of DM Approvals

The DM offers a comprehensive range of approvals to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in Dubai. Here’s a breakdown of the key types of DM approvals:

1.Building Approvals:

These approvals are crucial for any construction project in Dubai, ensuring that the proposed structure adheres to all applicable building codes and regulations. They encompass various stages of the construction process, including:

1.1 Preliminary Approval​
DM Approval

1.1 Preliminary Approval​

 This initial approval assesses the compliance of the proposed project’s design with Dubai’s building codes and regulations.

1.2 Mobilization Permit​

1.2 Mobilization Permit​

Obtained after preliminary approval, this permit allows for site preparation and initial construction activities.

1.3 Excavation Permit​
DM Approval

1.3 Excavation Permit​

This permit is mandatory before any excavation work, ensuring proper safety measures and adherence to site plans.

1.4 Shoring Permit​
DM Approval

1.4 Shoring Permit​

This permit is required for constructing temporary shoring structures to support excavation walls.

1.5 Piling Permit​
DM Approval

1.5 Piling Permit​

This permit is necessary for installing piles, which serve as deep foundations for structures.

1.6 Sub-structure Permit​
DM Approval

1.6 Sub-structure Permit​

This permit is required before constructing the sub-structure, including the foundation, basement, and ground floor.

1.7  Final Completion Certificate​
DM Approval

1.7 Final Completion Certificate​

The Final Completion Certificate is a document issued after obtaining approvals from the designated project manager, acknowledging the successful completion of a project or task.

2. Food and Beverage Approval - DM Approval

This approval is mandatory for any business that intends to sell food or beverages in Dubai. It ensures that the food handling practices and premises adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards.

3. Fire Safety Approval - DM Approval

Fire safety is paramount in Dubai, and this approval is required for all buildings to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. It involves a thorough assessment of fire protection systems, emergency exits, and evacuation plans.

4. Environmental Approval - DM Approval

For projects that may impact the environment, an environmental approval is required. This approval assesses the potential impacts and ensures that mitigation measures are implemented to minimize environmental harm.

5. Traffic Impact Assessment - DM Approval

Projects with the potential to significantly affect traffic flow require a traffic impact assessment. This assessment identifies potential traffic issues and proposes measures to mitigate their impact.

Understanding DM Approvals and the Application Process

When it comes to construction and development projects, nothing is more crucial than ensuring you have the right approvals in place. In Dubai, that means securing DM approvals before you pick up a hammer. So what exactly are these approvals, and how can you get them? Read on to find out.

An Overview of DM Approvals

DM approvals are necessary for any type of construction, from single and multi-story buildings to industrial structures, villas, and buildings with specific floor ratio areas. There are two main types of approvals you need to know about.

Structural Plan Approvals

As the name suggests, these deal with the structural integrity of your building. This is all about making sure your building can stand up to the elements and everyday use.

Architectural Plan Approvals

These approvals focus on the aesthetics, functionality, and layout of your building. Essentially, this is where you get to show off your design skills.

Before you start any physical work on your project, it’s crucial to secure these approvals. It’s not just about following the rules – it’s about ensuring quality and safety standards.

Navigating the DM Approval Process

1. Prepare Your Documents 

Get your hands on all the necessary paperwork, including detailed structural and architectural drawings. These should line up with the type of service you’re applying for.

2. Apply Online 

Head over to the DM website and submit a new building permit application. You’ll need to submit all your prepared documents at this stage.

3. Pay the Required Fees

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application, you’ll be asked to pay the relevant fees. These vary depending on the type of building your project involves.

4. Hold Tight for a Response

Within 3-5 working days, DM will let you know whether your application has been approved or rejected.

5. Handle Rejections (if applicable)

If your application gets rejected, don’t panic. Review the feedback, make the necessary amendments, and re-submit your application. The whole approval or rejection process should take up to 5 working days.

Securing or Renewing DM Plans​

In addition to the above, there’s also a streamlined process for obtaining information and approvals related to your land or property. Here’s how it works.

1. Submit Your Application

You can do this online, over the phone, or in-person at one of the DM customer care centers.

2. Issue DM Plan to Register Land

You can do this online, over the phone, or in-person at one of the DM customer care centers.

3. Pay the Required Fees

Next, you’ll need to pay a fee of 200 AED.

4. Await Response

The waiting game begins again. You’ll receive notifications about the approval or rejection of your application via SMS. For villa renewals, approval is super speedy – Just 15 minutes. For all other services, approval takes up to one working day.

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Drawing Required for DM Approval

  1. Key Setup (highlight our unit with rev-cloud)
  2. Existing Architectural Plan (2-hour fire-rated enclosure in red color, 1-hour in blue)
  3. Proposed Architectural Plan (2-hour fire-rated enclosure in red color, 1-hour in blue)
  4. Flooring Layout (e.g. ceramic, parquet, carpet…)
  5. Ceiling Layout (e.g. 60×60 mineral tile, plain mineral, aluminum… etc)
  6. Furniture/Equipment Layout
  7. Section (showing vertical dimensions)
  8. Cover Sheet (optional addition)
  9. Existing Mechanical Device Layout (sprinkler pipes are in green color, and mechanical device heads in red color)
  10. Proposed Mechanical Device Layout (sprinkler pipes are in green color, and mechanical device heads in red color)
  11. Existing Smoke/Heat Detector Layout (circuits are in red color)
  12. Proposed Smoke/Heat Detector Layout (circuits are in red color)
  13. Existing Emergency & Exit Light Layout (circuits are in green color)
  14. Proposed Emergency & Exit Light Layout (circuits are in green color)
  15. Device Typical Details (optional addition)

Documents Required for Dubai Municipality Approval.

  1. Copy of the tenant’s trade license (or marque reservation and initial trade license copy)
  2. No-objection certificate (NOC) from the building owner, real estate, or management
  3. Affection set up (plot drawing)
  4. AED “as per company” (DCD fee)
  5. Existing and projected drawings (according to new requirements)

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